G'day and welcome to our journey celebrating and immortalizing in 3D Australia's love affair with Aussie custom and race cars. The journey so far has been long, busy and challenging.We have built the Interceptor Coupe in full diecast in 1/24th scale and have now a range of 1/43rd resin road and race cars limited to a certificated 500 numbered units. To think only 500 people on the planet will ever be a part of the 500 Club.

This journey has been possible due to the collaboration of many good friends (Ray Stafferton, Tony Hanna, Alex Smits, Mark Oastler, Matthew White and Geoffrey Klimpsch to name a few) that have believed in this project and like me want to own cars that Aussie's built and to keep alive this great tradition and the pleasure it has given to many Australians. We also welcome Ron and Del Hamwood as full partners in ARMCO Model Cars. This union will be the reason for the brands success.

If you are interested in FE and FC's visit the clubs website on http://nsw.fefcholden.org.au this site is very professional and the club members are a very decent bunch. The team at Models56 invite you to feed us your thoughts and comments through the Forum once it is launched. We intend to grow this site with links featuring the art of collecting and custom building Aussie Content models. We have several new models in various stages of development, so be patient as it is faster to build a new house than a new model.

We will Endeavour to please the pants off you as we are passionate about this journey, come for the ride.


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